Going Out In Style

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Going Out In Style is Susan Opalka’s book about creating a celebration-of-life event for you or someone you love that is positive, meaningful, and personal. An event that reflects you, your personality, and the things you love.

Going Out In Style is a collection of stories focused on celebrating the uniqueness of the individual who has passed with an event reflecting who they were in life. The how-to guide, along with the ideas from the stories, will help anyone plan their own send-off celebration.

Inspirational and informative, Going Out In Style includes a step-by-step how to guide to create your own celebration-of-life event with easy to follow templates and examples.

Going Out in Style represents and documents a major trend that is taking place in our society today.  Actually, it’s more than a major trend.  It’s a significant culture shift from the traditional, solemn, serious memorial services, to a whole new paradigm of positive and personal “send- off celebrations”.

  • It’s about wearing big hats
  • Black golf balls
  • Fishing lure earrings
  • Sweet potato curly fries
  • A horned toad
  • And chocolate!

Going Out in Style is a collection of unique, joyful, and heart-warming stories that demonstrate how individuals have gone out in style — their own personal style!

But it’s not just about elders:

It’s about 11 year-old Nicky and his Zombie birthday party,

A kindergartener named Maya,

And Pualani, a high school student.

It’s about stories that represent all ages.

It’s about each of us, the unique individual we are.