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“I read it from start to finish in one sitting, each story resonating with the joy of life lived, and the unique celebration of the individual by their loved ones. These send-offs will make you laugh, cry, and think – how do I want to go out in style?”  

Patti Wade – contributing author, Chicken Soup for the Soul; Events Director, LBI Productions

“As an Art Therapist, Grief and Bereavement Counselor and Counselor trainer, I continually witnessed the ways in which the utilization of ritual can be key to helping people honor the lives of those whom they had loved and lost. This book explores the need to give voice to personal loss and it is filled with moving portraits of individuals striving to celebrate the essences of those whom they still continue to miss after death.  Through these heartfelt examinations, the book also highlights the creative and expressive ways in which each person has chosen to share his or her own story. These personal accounts embrace the intricacies of life, love, loss and remembrance and provide an initial glimpse into the subsequent journey to healing. This must read is a celebratory gift, it is caring and respectful and is filled with a sense of joyous inspiration.”

Gail F. Jarson, M.A.   Retired from Art Therapy and Counseling, Gail Jarson continues her career as a Visual Artist. Her Art Studio and home are in Phoenix, AZ.

“The way we honor and celebrate the life of someone who has died is taking on new and very individual forms.  Boomers are not content with the rote services of our parents and are looking to participate in how our loved ones send us off. Going Out In Style is a joy filled expression of how some of us have custom built highly personal tributes. It is a wonderful read and a trove of inspiration for those of us who are getting closer to the finish line.”

Marian Lindholtz, M.I.M.  Professional Writer