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Going Out In Style is a really inspiring and unique book which clearly shows there is a significant cultural shift from the traditional, solemn and serious memorial services, to the new, positive, personalized send-off celebrations.

The book is full of unique stories which demonstrate personalized locations (the beach, a hiking trail, a movie theater, the dog park, a baseball field), preferences for specific songs and music to be played, wearing favorite items, and serving favorite foods.

Plus the whole new concept of giveaways and goodie bags…….

Yes! Giveaways are personalized mementos – black golf balls, packaged flower seeds.

Goodie bags (those small, colorful gift bags or small gold jewelry bags) filled with mementos — favorite chocolates, dice, fishing lures, monogrammed poker chips. It’s a fun way to be remembered!

The book also gives a detailed, step-by-step celebration-of-life plan that includes:

  • An obituary template — just fill in the blanks
  • A survey to fill out preferences – songs, photos, flowers, event location
  • A sample invitation

The Appendix has an example of a complete plan. Don’t let family members guess when it comes to planning your own celebration.

Basically, the book gives an easy and totally positive way to think about and plan how you want to “go out in style” – your own personal style.